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HR Statutory Compliances


HR Compliances

The prominence of HR statutory compliances have been growing in order to avoid or minimizing risk arising out of observing non compliances.

Many organizations renders all benefits to employees properly but due to unable to produce proper documents state wise as per the Government prescribed formats treating them as non compliance during Audits and Inspections

Our Primary Services

Social Security

Shops and Establishment Act, Factories Act 1948


Payment of Wages Act 1936, Minimum Wage Act, 1948, Payment of Bonus Act 1965

Industrial Relation

Employee State Insurance Act, 1948, Employee Provident Fund Act 1952, Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Labour Welfare Fund Act 1965.

Benefits for Women

Maternity Benefits Act 1961, Equal Remuneration Act 1976

Our Services deals with The Contract Labour(Regulation & Abolition)Act,1970 Provisions, The Shops Establishments Act, 1988 and The Factories Act,1948 Provisions

We  strive to  excel and exceed the  client’ requirements and provide best service in the provisions of Pay roll, EPF &ESI processing and Statutory Compliance

We Provide our services at very affordable price for our esteem clients to sustain the long term association.

  • HRPayroll, ESI, EPF, PT & Statutory Compliance Software

Our HR online Software automatically process statutory very easy which can save much time when we normally prepare manually and  very quality Statutory registers, Returns and Reports submission to produce readily for the Audits and Inspections 

  • HR Auditing & MIS Reporting

We conducts HR Audits as per state statutory provisions and update for corrective measures to avoid risks arising out of non compliances. Specialized focus on every statutory aspect will be audited to avoid oversight which leads to non compliance

  • .Labour Law Compliance Management

We support labour law compliance provisions so as to rectify the legal issues arising in the course of employment and lead strategically from time to time for good compliance organization and enhance reputation among principal employer and statutory inspecting Authorities.